The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

Thus he travels now in the Divine Light of the Sun.

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In the gray herds of sheep, wolves lie concealed, which is to say, beings that still know what freedom is. And these wolves are not only themselves very strong, but there also exists the risk that, on a bad day, these might pass on their qualities to the masses, turning them from dumb herds to aggressive packs. This is the nightmare of the rulers.
Ernst Jünger (The Forest Passage)

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The anarchist in his purest form is he, whose memory goes back the farthest: to pre-historical, even pre-mythical times; and who believes, that man at that time fulfilled his true purpose … In this sense the anarchist is the Ur-conservative, who traces the health and the disease of society back to the root.
Ernst Jünger (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

(Source: ridedatigah, via hierarchical-aestheticism)

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We were divided and we are conquered. That is the tragic epitaph of two war generations. Those words alone should adorn the grave of the youth of Europe. That was the fate of my generation in 1914, and that was the doom of a new generation of young soldiers in 1939. The youth of Europe shed the blood of their own family, and the jackals of the world grew fat. Those who fought are in the position of the conquered, whatever their country. Those who did not fight, but merely profited, alone are victorious.
Sir Oswald Mosley (via hierarchical-aestheticism)